As houses become bigger or blocks smaller and garden and outdoor living spaces become more compact, the demand for sustainable, functional gardens, appealing aesthetics and long lasting structures is growing.

Home owners are seeking to create outdoor spaces that flow from the indoor environment, expanding the living space for properties built on smaller blocks while adding overall value. At the same time, a return to traditional values of growing your own foods is emerging, with edible plants featuring high on the list.

Hi, my name is Ricky Hayward, and with 20 years’ experience in the landscaping and garden maintenance industry for both commercial and residential properties, I excel in designing, building and landscaping eye catching small backyards and courtyards for everyday use.

Holding a XX certificate in landscape design, I use my hands-on experience to design functional and beautiful gardens and outdoor spaces, blending sustainability with a nod to permaculture treatments.

With my extensive knowledge of plants and materials across many different garden and open spaces, environments and landscapes, I can create a bespoke outdoor space for you.

While small back yards and courtyards are my specialty, I have experience in designing and creating solutions for larger back yards, acreage, commercial and open factory plots.